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I made out with a guy and and we had decided to settle for just a fling and not to move any further. I recently realised I caught feelings for him and confessed it. He’s ignoring me. What is this supposed to mean? I wake up everyday looking for his text. Been a month since he replied. I feel empty.

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Kharthika @kharthika

You guys have mutually decided for just a fling and not to move any further! And it is okay to you to have feelings for him. But there’s no compulsion that he should also feel the same for you. Try exploring new things. Talk to new people. Get over this guy( I know it isn’t easy) but just do it.

Janmesh @janmesh

It means he has already moved on and it’s your time to move on! So be strong and accept that making out with that guy was a mistake and spend time with your loved ones!
If you’re still hoping for his text i would say that it’s going to hurt you more everyday so i would suggest you to stop this rn!


Don’t look for his text try to be happy with the people around. It will take time but eventually you will be able to move out of it.


Hey I know feelings are something that comes in without a warning and latches onto your soul. You may have made an agreement to a fling but it does happen. Now since you clearly see the feelings are not reciprocated by him trust me it is best you find yourself closure knowing it was a fling for him. It will be hard and painful at first but with time it will heal. It sounds easy anyone can say it but it truly is something that time can heal. Just hang out more often with your friends, try engaging in some activity or try spending time with family are just some of my suggestions. Do feel free to talk about it to a friend in person if possible and talking it out does wonders. Dont ever let the pressure build in. It will be very daunting at first but do push yourself to take the initial big step and then it will come in a flow. Slowly slowly you will see the feelings unwravel and one day you will wakeup and realise it was just a part and parcel of life. It will be hard but i am confident you will pull through.


Give it time. Distract yourself. If that person is not interested in having even a 5 min text conversation , why spend so much time thinking about them ?


da,you need to move on…you have got so many options yet stuck on the guy who is ignoring you.if he is meant for you he will come back if not you will get a better guy


Thank you everyone! I’ll try my best to accept it and move on!


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