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I m trying to figure out what’s wrong please people help me if you can. I feel left aside and lonely. I tried connecting to my friends but they are busy with their new friends and this is case with everyone.
I left my social media because I m done watching photos of happy faces. how are they so damm happy. At nigh I feel more depressed and I feel like it is affecting me also I feel like sharing this with someone but with whom! I m not really feeling good please suggest me way out

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Luke @lizzyhere

my friend! i can totally understand you, i have been through it
i just wanna say find ways to live for yourself! people and there promises go eventually so as time… you are only one left behind and honestly you are only one for you!
don’t rely yourself on somebody… there is literally no one! there are all mirrors!
Tried loving others?! now do it to you… just leave your phone aside… because all the happy faces you see there are lies so just do what you like paint sketch write dance sing go on date with yourself… have a great sleep and good food, meditate and its okay to take a break from professional life!

all the best <3


You’re right I realised he same we are the only one for our self I totally agree with you! Also Thansk is just not enough for efforts you took to write all this to make me feel better and give me that way out thank you!

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Luke @lizzyhere

its my biggest pleasure to make someone smile and here for you :)


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