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I m tired of living an unstable, purposeless life. Whatever I desired it never happened, no matter what I try I keep failing. Now I have lost all the courage to set any future goal. Right now I don’t even know what I want to do…unable to keep even simple promises to myself. Am I so wrong as person that I don’t even have single person to share my pain, hug me, comfort me. Was it all my mistake that I m struggling like this. I hate myself for all the bad decisions I took, for hurting unintentionally so many people with my negative presence. Pls God give me some light so that I feel worthy of living

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hey you are not worthless. God has a purpose for you in life. There will be times in life when you feel low and down and during those times you should keep people who care for you and love you around you. Everyone makes some bad decisions in life but what we need to do is not dwell on those past mistakes and move on. We can make sure that those errors do not reoccur. You are not a wrong person. You are a great person who is just going through a rough patch right now. You do not have a negative presence, you are a wonderful human. Do not degrade yourself and feel worthless.


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