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i m so depressed really i m sooo sooo sooo depressed. I m in a realtionship from past 5 years. I m 18 now. And the relationship was going excellent before but now its not . My biggest mistake was that i blindly trusted him .i just love him more than anything. I want to leave him because i m not happy with him but i cant really i cant . My heart is filled with emotionsss emootionnsss. From past 9 months nothing is going right . I know he also loves me the most but he make mistakes which can not be forgiven . But i always end up forgiving him. Every day new incidents take place and on the next day he behaves like nothing happened . And i dont have any close friend with whome i can share my feelings . No one understands me. Sometimes its height for me i really think of dying. I just cant take this load . I cant tell in words that what is happening in this advice can help me nothing can help me nothing can heal my wounds.i just know that i love him and cant leave him

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Simran @st1199

I want you to share what’s happening and what is the thing holding you from breaking up? :)
One shouldn’t trust someone so much that hurt can become so vulnerable that it makes you helpless to an extent, you don’t even try to think of leaving JUST because you love him?

Love can’t and shouldn’t be so blind that it makes you feel like dying, it’s stupid to think of that whatever the age be and just for a PERSON thinking your life to end, right?
You have a whole future ahead of you. You have to do things to make yourself proud, to your parents. You have everything infront of you.


Thanku 🙁🙁 but cant help out my feelings just cant. I m gonna die but cant bear this inner pain

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Simran @st1199

Do you want to tell what’s going on, so that I can help you understand your take and how to atleast try?


I love him. He loves me. I m emotionally attached with him . I cant live without him and now its becoming difficult to live with him also because i m not happy . One day i m happy next day it becomes opposite. Someday i want to leave him but next sec i cant leave him. He loves me and i m afraid if i will leave him he will catch bad habits. Thing is that i cant live with him and also cant live without him. I want him to leave me so that he can be happy atleast. But he is also not leaving me. I m so stressed . Always feeling like crying heart broken cant even breath normally


I have suffered soo much since i was born just cant explain im words . He knows all my sufferings. I m very brave girl really but its been limit now . I cant even bear little sadness it just breaks my heart . I wish i had never fallen in love i wish i wish… sorry for my bad english

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Hareet Narhan @hareetn

Hey, I was in a similar situation, I was with my partner for a long time at a young age and I loved him so much that I didn’t think I would be able to live without him. But like you said, you’re a brave girl, take the jump because it’s worth it in the end. I broke up with my partner in June and it’s been a rocky process but I’m learning so many things about myself, and becoming a better version of myself. It’s scary and I get that but you should be your top priority, over anything and anyone else! 💚

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Simran @st1199

I understand that you are attached to him so much that it’s difficult to leave him, but he is not keeping you happy nor your mental peace is at stake, how will things things turn out good?

It’ll take time but only even you try to move forward. If you’ll stay like this then he also knows that you will not go somewhere and will take your for granted.
Else, talk to him and sort things out and see if given a chance it leads to somewhere.


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