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I m not happy in my home…
My mom scold me for no reason…she doesnt like me .at all …i know i shouldn’t say this thing .but she takes side of my elder sis. stays in hostel in other city.
There is much more to say but i cant.
I am sad.


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My younger brother says that even today though we are in 30’s. We took it seriously when he complained first. But we feel may be we shouldn’t have. He got everything he wanted with that excuse. And even today that complaining and blaming behaviour hasn’t gone. We should own our problems and feelings. Why we take credit for our good behaviour but blame everyone except ourselves for our bad behaviour. Complaining is not good. Even if they prioritise her, understand she is just your sister. So it’s ok. You think this way n trust me u will start feeling everyone loves you. Stop hating n complaining again at least your family members. They are the ones who ll be with you whatever may come. Learn to accept them as they are and give up for them. You will be treated like a prince/princess of the house in return.


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