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I m not happy … fed up with each n every people.jise Dekho sab dokhe dere h.
Frndship problem ?
I want to share !
Anyone ??

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Yar Meri do frnd thi college me. .school k the .Jia and moni …Jia phele Monika ko Jada like nikrti thi .bcos school m frndship ni thi.but m dono s equally frndship thi.
But colg m dono ki frndship achi hogyi. Hum tino diffrection section m the colg m to dono ke frnd the vo dono apas m best frnd the.
Isliye or frndship achi hogyi…
Ab ye dono mere bare discuss krte rehtehe…
I felt left out .jb pese Dene lene ki bat ati …he tbi ye log puchte h ghunne firne k .warna ni contact krte .

Or bi bahut kuch h


Ohh ye baat hai


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