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I m not good at openly talking about my feelings but i think that makes me weak emotionally so I decided to talk about this like i tired talking to my friends but they just say it’s normal or say you need to forget!
So issue in short is I lost my 1st girlfriend couple of years back due to cancer i m over it okay! Still whenever after that i get closer to a girl closer as in emotionally to move on in life i get some weird feelings of like what will she think of me if i get with another girl or i m betraying her sone like that and soo i pull out my self from that girl soo yeah

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Friend u are thinking too deep about this.
There is no question of betrayal.
She is no longer in world right???
If your feelings n love for her was genuine
Then from where does betrayal comes into picture…
It was ur n her destiny…
But this doesnot mean you will never moveon in life…
Yes you love her
But u cannot renounce your life…
Your life has to continue if not for urself
For ur family,parents
U will have to eventually settle one day
All i would like to state is whenever u get into any relation just for sake of your heart let that new girl know about your gf…

Everything happens as per destiny…
If your feelings n intentions are pure
you shouldnot think of anything else…
Good luck to you…


yeah you’re right there no question of betrayal but still cannot stop those perfidious feelings for my self…
thanks alot buddy!


Hey buddy. First off all i would like to say that you are not an emotionally weak person. You are stronger than you think you are… But I believe somewhere she would want you to move on as well, You are surely not like betraying her. rather you are such a good boyfriend that every girl would love to have. You are not hurting her or cheating her. you are moving on and finding love! I hope this helps!


I know she wants me to move on she said that to me indirectly couple of weeks before her death but then ii cannot stop this inside feeling or disinclination to accept new girl in my life & why I m feeling bad is that because I pushed away a really good girl who helped me lot to get over this!


I am so sorry about that. That feeling will be within you but what I can suggest is that you can rationalize it and think of it in the long term!


Why you’re saying sorry that’s okay! Infact Thank you for your time!


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