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I m not feeling that great I feel sad sometimes also this quarantine has made feel very lonely and I know this is awkward but also a little horny

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hey, hahah it’s okay, it’s understandable. we’re social beings, and human contact is such an essential part of our existence that its absence can make up feel the lack of it. quarantine and this whole situation is just absurd, i don’t think anyone in their wildest dreams or Hollywood movies would’ve anticipated this. just want you to know you’re not the only one! i have been feeling this way too, and so have a lot of my other friends. it’s a strange, at times gloomy affair, and nobody really knows what to do. sadness is a huge part of this. i guess staying creative helps (if that’s something you’re into) some sort of colouring/painting activities or cooking, gardening, cleaning, reading, basically anything to keep you entertained and take your mind off of thing. some sort of physical activity really helps too tho honestly, like i do a little home workout by seeing youtube dance videos, or i just stand in my balcony for a little fresh air. maybe you could try that out…


Chill. This is happening every one of us. If possible, try helping people facing similar situation.

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