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I m in Periods it’s my first day and I have immense pain stomach back legs can’t really describe there’s no one home can’t find hot bag , and right now I can only think of taking a pain killer… I m dying

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Darsh @love_is_life

I am so sorry if you have to go through all this.
Please try some stretch it helps to release the pain


Do you have rice and socks just fill it up with rice heat in oven otherwise put those rice on pan and fill it up in the socks u will feel better and have some fennel seeds.
Do one more thing if raisins and kesar is there at home soak in water have it in night

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Just relax and calm down,just lay down on the bed straight then there will be ease in pain.

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lifeChanger!! @mit007

Oh … it’s abdominal pain not stomach… apply some pain relief ointment or do nothing… frnd …as few human body have tendency to have pain during periods…
with time and age its getting stalled…

Pls take rest and eat some good healthy food

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