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I m feeling very guilty today
2 years back i took a decision with my boyfriend to move abroad for further studies
And prepared my brother too for that and made him leave an admission to an institution in my home country
After 2 months my boyfriend back stepped saying he has some family issues and he cant go abroad. And he mindwashed me emotionally too stay back too…
I back stepped my brother then which the worst thing i have done my whole life through and next year me and my bf got admissions here in home country
While my brother is still struggling to get an admission back here
My parents are very worried
I feel the guilt all day and feel so fool of myself.
I some times want to end the relationship with my bf bcz he is person due to which my family and me are suffering
Some one here can plz help me with my guilt o dont feel good at all…
Hope i can go to past and change things…
Also my bf made an emotional fool of me now he is not that interested in me and seems to forget all his promises
I really want to leave him sometimes but he is so clingy

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Hi love, I am so sorry that you are going through all this right now. I’d firstly like to say that please don’t hold yourself guilty about something that happened in the past. Maybe you made a wrong decision and really didn’t know better. What you did and whatever is happening right now was never intentional. You didn’t want to put your brother in trouble ever, it was just a lack of judgement.

Secondly, I know sometimes love and certain people can have a power over you and you’re not able to see the red flags they show. Now that you see very clearly that he is not acting the right way and is not interested in you, there is no point dragging the relationship any further. Do try to talk to him why he is behaving this way and please take a decision which is good for YOU!


Thanks a lot to you
Bless u


My pleasure! Take care :)


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