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I m fat and I want to lose weight n m lonely I dont know what to do the only thing I do is to eat even knowing the consequences of eating junk I really need some help

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Hey! Firstly you shouldn’t get thin, you should get fit and healthy. Eating junk isn’t healthy at all, yes cheat meals are allowed but don’t forget to make sure there’s intake of the essential nutrients. Secondly, don’t reduce in order to fit into society’s standards of beauty. You’re legitimately perfect the way you’re and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Obviously, being healthy is a must. You’re not alone, I’m here with you. Some amount of self control and you’ll turn healthy in no time. I know you’re smart enough to realise the need for it. Take care!!!
Waiting to hear from you, don’t worry you got this! <3


you’re not fat. yes you might have a different body than anyone else but you aren’t fat. if you do really need to lose weight as a priority to make yourself feel better so be it. but do it in a healthy way, and set a goal at a healthy weight. exercise, cut down snacking, eat healthier. it’s hard yes i know. i’m strugglign with the same. but trying to get sickly thin is not worth it. it throws you into a hole where you have many chances of death and it can get to where you can’t even walk because you’re so weak. so if you do want to lose weight, again…healthy ways. keep being you. don’t give a fuck what people have to say to you. don’t give a fuck if your head tells you your fat. oh well, that’s you. that’s your body. ignore what you tell yourself.


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