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I m being continuously mentally torched by my mother whn i was in 10th standard from then to now… She keeps saying me that you r curse u should die get awy from my house…M good in studies nd i get schlorship every year she want me to give my money to her nd not on education i keep crring daily nd having suicidal thoughts.M feeling like m Nothing to her She abuses me a lot. Whenever i go out nd back home she treated me like shit nd saying that m a slut. Dont i have any rights to go out with my frnds I dont want to lie here M 20+ now nd she wont stop I want to kill my self… I hate her

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Heyy… girl i hope u doing well…
Remember one thing god loves u.and more than that ur mom loves u the most .really
in this selfish fake world nobody really cares you more than your parents. Literally no one.
.every parents wants their children to be successful in their she asked ur schorlarship so that it can invest correctly. Bcos for her you are child or may be she thought you can use in wrong thing at that age…

Now abusing part.whose mom doesn’t have scold her child??
Every mom scold(may be abusive way) to her child.
2 years back i used to complain to my frnd that my mom said this n that.which now i think deeply right that it wasnt happen that way then i realise why i say so .i feel really bad. Guilty whenever i see her doing work only for me not for herself.
Never ever think bad about your mom no matter how bad she say. (Bcos she doesnt mean it.)
There are people who had lost their they feel without mom.

Try to understand from ur mom’s perspective …

My mom used to scold me …and i cry also. I am also 20+ she doesnt allow me to go more .till now so what is she a bad person ?? No…bcos she the only one who thinks about my future …i had frnds infact their mom used to beat them with belt seroiusly … …but it doesnt mean they are doing child abuse. No!!
Bcos they( my frnds )know they are wrong somewhere
My frnds loves their mom the most so am i…
And you should…
One day u will get married then each and everything u will about her…so love ur mom…

God bless


Hey, I won’t say I know exactly what you are going through as everyone’s experience is different. My mother was the mentally abusive and neglectful type, sometimes physical. The only way I was able to make all the negativity stop for me was to completely cut her from my life. I can talk to her if I like, my sisters do, but I haven’t and I don’t see her as my mother. I refer to her by her name even. Mothers are people everyone are supposed to have a deep and nearly everlasting bond with, however, that innate trust is easy to lose and manipulate. I won’t tell you what to do but there does come a time you have to be selfish and do whats best for you. If you have someone that you really and I mean REALLY and TRULY trust ask them for help. Stay strong and remember there others fighting too, but what should truly matter is your own health and well being. Keep the others in mind if it will empower you. Don’t forget also to tell yourself “What someone else says doesn’t matter. What matters is how I feel and what I WANT to be.” If you can try to sit down and talk with your mom with someone else present. Tell her how you feel. I do admit I may reach out to my own mother, but that is down the road for now. She was really depressed and that’s why she lashed out. Who knows whats going on in your mom’s situation. In tough times, just remember there are people who care for you and love you. You just have to find and hold onto them.


I don’t know the how much abusive, she is with you.
If she just scold you verbally, talk badly with you. Then you should talk to her and try to see what is she going through. Why her behavior is like that?

If the abuse is physical and you cannot handle all this. Then just get all the help you can get. Talk with all the people who can help you to end this abuse. You are 20+ now, Gather all your courage and tell her to stop now, you will not bear all this now. Try to get help of Police, NGOs, Mahila help line or any other group.


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