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I m 17 and I have bf , we both love each other and want a future together . His family background is also really nice . Our cast is a lot different I m from Pakistan, Karachi here In Karachi memon and chinyoti both cast are very wealthy I m memon and he is chinyoti . The problem is that my mother don’t like his appearance and I don’t think so she’ll let me live my life with him . As I said I’m just 17 and under 3 years we have to get married . I m so confused I don’t know what can I do


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Dude your just 17 lol . First stand on your feet and then think of marriage


Well don’t know what to suggest since there is a lot of societal knowledge is needed to advise on this. You can start with the basic of your society and what kind of relationships bonds and family values etc are present


First please think about your studies
And secondly wait it out.
I mean who knows if you guys will last 3yrs. Because people change a lot during these years of their life
Third if you stay firm in your decision Ki this is the guy I want no one else. I’ll either not marry or I’ll marry him. Then what will they do after a point