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I loved a girl for like 5,6 years but she didn’t love me so I made myself walk out of her life. Now I have a few girls who love me the way I am, they are really good girls but I feel I cant love them the way I loved before. I feel that innocent and genuine thing can never come back.

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Phoenix @mcberrygeekay

I know it’s corny but the heart want what it wants… but the mind knows best. Having someone for that long who didn’t love you , wasn’t fair to you. That’s not what anyone deserves … so I’m glad you walked out. Don’t rush the process the girls that love you aren’t necessarily for you but they are going to help you figure out what you want … don’t date if you’re not entirely ready it wouldn’t be fair for your current partner. Rather take this time heal from your past relationship and open your heart for new love . Because it might be that you’re stuck on your old relationship that’s why you don’t seem to love the one’s around you.

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