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😊 @isa_cairo

I love you…love you with my whole heart. I don’t know what is so interesting in you. The innocent way you get into my lap, the way hug me, the way you cuddle. All the endorphins that are released, make me feel like I am in heaven. I sometimes feel like you are too good to me. I love you so much and sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve such a great person. I feel like you are my safest place. I am so confident about myself when I am with you. You are sort of my hero😁 even though I haven’t told you. You are good at almost all sports. You are smart. Your physique is quite good. You are a good eater… I love watching you eat. I love looking into your eyes. I like seeing you always. I like to be inside your arms… doing nothing.
Am i obsessed with you? Will you give me some time?
Can we be friends anymore? Like we used to be!
Will you wait for me?
Will you remember me?
Just remember that I love you. No, I am in love with you. This won’t change easily. If you ever feel like you want to talk…just text me! You know you can say anything 😊. I will be there for you. This is a promise…

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Wish someone writes this to me. I would literally become everything they ever wanted🙌🏻 cuz such love deserves all the effort that is possible for me to put in


There will be someone. 😊


I did have someone but I lost her.

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