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I love you daddy. I know this is something that I have never said to you in my whole life and you most probably donโ€™t even know that I love you because my behavior shows otherwise. I know every person is different and the way they express their love is different. You never express your love verbally but you always prove it through your actions. You may not be the richest dad in the world but I literally knee down in front of my lord for blessing me with such a father who is highly educated, in an honorable profession, making money through his blood as sweat, is visionary, has high moral values, knows the difference between right and wrong. These are some things that money can never buy. I see you as an inspiration. I know you have no idea how much I value you and you probably see me as an immature superficial kid who doesnโ€™t know the depth of things but things are other way around. I promise daddy one day I will make you proud. You will proudly tell people that Iโ€™m your daughter and I will be the reason that you will be the happiest father in the world. I promise dad.

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Simran @st1199


Yes, we as children have different ways to shower love. I too donโ€™t show to them but know deep down I know how much they mean to me.

Yes, you will make him proud one day. ๐Ÿ˜€


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