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I love with one guy we are from different country and different religions. Basically long distance. Our relationship was so good till the lockdown. We not able see each other last 2 years. We are in physical relationship he convinces me he promise me he won’t leave me at any cost. Our relationship was okay till last years oct he started to avoid me. He not reply my message or answer my call. One day I managed to talk with me and he confess many things with me that he have slept with one Aunty and have some affair with others girl. When asked why I did this to he answer was I’m lonely we not able to meet almost 2 years. And he said he don’t want to continue this relationship with me any more. He sent me few screenshots too. I still not able to move on from this. I can’t marry anyone. I can’t accept the fact he cheated on me. Tmrw his birthday I don’t know I should wish him or not . He still kept me in all social media.

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