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I love this guy since 8 years…
He was my first and last boyfriend… We broke up 8 years ago and he is having a girlfriend since 6 years…
He always use to show me that he hates me even when I asked him that u hate me he said yes of course…

Recently he started talking to me nicely even he shares his every single thing to me like what he wants to do in life what he is struggling with… What he had done in his college life etc…

He even shared that he proposed a girl even when he was already in a serious relationship… Even he is having physical relationship kinda of with another girl…

I don’t understand what he wants…

Me I want him in my life but I can’t tell him that I still love him otherwise he will stop talking to me…
When we had a break up we had many issues because of my family…

I don’t know what to do what no to…
I love him but I want him as a friend for my whole life but he is like so annoying

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If you want friend , find someone new .


Dude once the glass is broken … It can’t be fixed the same way… In the same way … Once a person broke you … You can’t give them another change to come back again into your lyf and brake you again … As u have mentioned … He proposes sm1else … Being in a serious relationship … But … Wen he is in a “serious” relationship … How can he propose am other girl?.. That’s totally bullshit … and you also told he is in physical relationship with other too … Lol … If you are still interested in him … Then You have be one amongst those 2… He will treat you in the same … way …
So think wisely … Want him to treat you that way … And still with him … Or
Just forget him and move on ✌🏻

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Move on. You are stuck on this one because you don’t know there are better things out there you may never have experienced. Maybe he was never a right choice. Maybe we always want something we can’t have. Let me tell you something when a man truly wants to be with someone they tell, they leave you confused. Tell him that you’ve had enough, you re done. He is toxic for you and your mental health and everything. Delete him from you life and try online dating apps. You will find plenty of dates and new friends. Give it a try!


See whenever you plan on something,look at it in a long term perspective.I suggest that you should entirely stop contact with this person.See now itself he is annoying an is a cheater,so why would you risk yourself with such kind of person.


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