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I love my girlfriend. She lives with me. We have normal relationship issues, but, there’s something inside me that desires more independence (like living separately but possibly still dating monogamously). How do I deal w the intense guilt? Is this normal? If moving out means she wants to breakup, what does that mean about how she REALLY feels about me? Should I care about what her family thinks/says about me? Is this a gradual or abrupt process - like should I help her find a place, etc…? I can’t sleep…I think about this almost every night these days…

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some quality here.i think there shoulnt be is anything to feel like guilt,its normal and it happens when you overlap too much and work/space of any one of you gets hampered unproportionally.
you tell her this,she can either agree to manage something(if its about your work) and if its about your space then there is no other way(because you will end up in proximity(even if she gets more concerned about value of her space and so starts respecting yours, it will eventually be timing and reasoning:D that might hit you guys again)) and if she doesnt understand it you better breath some fresh air and why to care about her family’s views about you! aint she enough!you tell them truth thats all.
she might feel it as a break up,which you can ensure her that it isnt and if still it doesnt get inside her head then you are free to think anything negative(according to your relation).
its a cyclic process(if she understands you and one way end if she doesnt)(according to my advise😂)
if she cant afford a place or things due to this abruptness of moment then be good enough to help her out because its you driven decision.
take a look at her picture and sleep well😉.