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I love my girlfriend. She lives with me. We have normal relationship issues, but, there’s something inside me that desires more independence (like living separately but possibly still dating monogamously). How do I deal w the intense guilt? Is this normal? If moving out means she wants to breakup, what does that mean about how she REALLY feels about me? Should I care about what her family thinks/says about me? Is this a gradual or abrupt process - like should I help her find a place, etc…? I can’t sleep…I think about this almost every night these days…

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Hey! Wanting some independence is not something to feel guilty about but not talking freely about it to your girlfriend could create some issues. Just sit and talk about it. See what she has to say about this. May b she’s just upset and in heat of moment she says that but try to make her understand that how much love her. I think she will understand. If she still doesn’t then she’s not the one may b. Umm u should… her family is a part of what she is… It depends on whether it is gradual or abrupt process. If you guys decide to move out, help her find a place. I know thinking about all this is mandatory but u should share things with each other… then there won’t b doubts n all.😊


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