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One Sided LoveThought

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I love him so much it hurts. We have a long distance friendship, so I can’t even get jealous whenever I see him with a girl… I overthink everything and I hurt myself by telling me he loves me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t… because… let’s face it… I’m everyone’s last choice.

I just hate the fact I love him so much. I dream about this non existent life we could have together, about our love story that’ll probably never come true.

So why do I keep loving him… why do I do this to myself. I know he says he loves me but with everything I see or hear, they all tell me that he doesn’t.

I don’t know anymore. Maybe… just maybe I should just end our friendship now so that I don’t get hurt anymore?

But I don’t want to do that. He makes me feel safe yk, he makes me feel loved. Or that’s just what I tell myself. Gosh I don’t fking know.

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