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Kimberly @kimberlyfitz97

I love him but i know he’s not loyal. He makes me happy and I’m scared to let him go. I’m just getting to a point in my life where i feel like i can’t take it any more. I feel
Empty without him and i know the right thing is to let him go. I tried looking pass all the unfaithful times and all the lies but is tearing me inside. As much as i try to let it go and not think about it i know i deserve better but i don’t know why I’m so in love with him. I tell myself every week “Kim this is the week you have to put yourself first and let him go” but i can’t never take that step. Every time I’m not with him i miss him, when i hear his voice i smile, and every time i see him i still get the same butterflies in my tummy since the first day i met him.

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Ravish @risingman

I’m sorry that you are in this situation, I can completely relate. I was in your shoes 4 years ago, didn’t have courage to do right even when I was hurting because of her cheating and lies.
So take my advise, your self esteem is more important and so is your future. You’ll feel very very bad for few years if you are as madly in love as I was.
Letting go will do you good, don’t try to talk him even if people say, serial cheater don’t change. You’ll love again in future!!

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dat_mf @just_randomly

It ain’t gonna get better,even that person matters so much to you nd your love towards "em. It’s better to let him go,a change is all we need in our life and it’s never be easy

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Raj Chauhan @raj1403

1) you don’t love yourself
2) you don’t love him you are just scared to be alone
3) you are struggling with low self worth
4) you need to work on your emotional intelligence and prioritise yourself
5) if you still want to be with him and if you are ok with him sleeping around then you better make peace with the fact that he is gonna do it time and again. Talk to him for an open relationship.

6) You are surely not going to marry him so don’t you think you are cheating and being unjust to your future life partner?
7) if not for yourself but for him, walk out of relationship.

Don’t be scared to be alone for sometime.
Rediscover yourself 💥💯


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