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i love and proposed a girl in the college.
she said not interested
but she used to talk to me
and then i scold her because I love her and she also talks to me but i want to give first priority to career that’s why i scold her so that she stay away from me
but i really still love her and want to propose her again but psychologists said to me not to do it.
and 3 weeks passed, i still love her, crying because i am not allowed to propose her (i want to propose her - badly desire)
what should i do?
she comes to my dream, all the day i am day dreaming and thinking about her, i am crying because i am not allowed to propose her,
what should i do now?
i am seeing her on the path between station and college, means hallucinations means i am seeing everywhere my love interest girl (hallucinations)

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Yash @rishav123


Dude i can understand how you are feeling right now. But if she has already said no, her answer won’t change even if you ask her again.
Just keep yourself distant from her. These feelings will fade away after some time.


Dude ,this is not love .just attraction. You are obsessed about her. Control your urges ,it’s not good


Don’t worry she’s interested in you …not for any relationship but a company in bed πŸ˜‰β€¦u know what i mean

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