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I lost my dad five years ago, I’m still grieving and trying to deal with the loss. I’m not allowed to express what I feel at home, if I ever cry thinking about dad I get scolded and I get called horrible names. I’m drowning with this toxic environment around me I’m tired of faking that nothing is wrong. This is the only way I am able to express what I feel.

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Hey , you can always express what you feel . Take your own time to heal from the loss . You don’t have to do it within a day or month . Take your own time…You have to be strong . If you feel like expressing , you can always do so by writing here . If you know that they don’t value your tears, then don’t cry infront of them . Or, it may be the other side , they don’t want you to become weak . You don’t have to cry infront of them . You can write out here or you can talk to me. Take your own time to get out of this situation . I am sure you will be able to do it .

Believe it . Hope good for future . No one can change whatever happened in the past, but you have to keep yourself positive and fill yourself with posititve thoughts
Take your own time to do so okeyy .

If you wish to get in touch , we can do so . Let me know okeyy .


Hey there,
Your words helped me lot, people like you who empathize and care for strangers are very rare. You truly are a gem. Thanks lot,have a blessed day.


I am really happy if i could help you . I am pretty sure that you are doing a lot better and you will be able to become stronger with each passing day . Be yourself and stay happy .


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