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I lose all my pride and dignity when I’m around you, I become so stupid. I never cry in front of others but you always make me cry, I’m not the one to beg people to stay and follow them around, but when it comes to you I’m always on my knees. All my self-esteem disappears when you are near. Right now all I want to do Is call you, see how you’re doing after all these years, tell you that you hurt me, let you know about how miserable my life was without you unlike yours, apologize if I was a burden, if you being my friend was embarrassing to you, if it is because of that that you like me became so miserable as well, apologize if you had a hard time because of me. Now you look so much better, I want to say sorry if it’s my fault, sorry if I was the problem. But at the same time, i feel like I shouldn’t fall so low, I shouldn’t do this to myself, but I’m always betraying myself for you. Should i pretend im doing well without you despite the obvious truth, or should I let you know that I’ve always depended on you and now im completely broken, I don’t want to let you know you were that important cuz i know i never meant much to you so i don’t think you deserve to know how bad you have hurt me yet at the same time i don’t care, should i just leave my pride aside one more time and after all these years tell you that i want you back? or would that be rlly dumb?

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Try to move on
It’s the best option now.


You had break up


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