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I live with my parents and i’m graduating high school in a year but my parents are still not giving me any privacy. I used to share a room with my two siblings since our house isn’t very big. I got my own room a few years ago but now my parents won’t let me close the door because they think I have a “secret”. I love my parents but in my opinion, I don’t think it’s right to share EVERYTHING with my parents. Even if I sit down and try to talk to them, they would just accuse me of hiding something and assume their thinking was right. They don’t even knock and just barge into my room, we even have a camera in the hallway pointed in the direction of my room so whenever the door is open, they can see what iIm doing. Simply closing the door won’t work (asian parents problems) and I don’t like to argue, I’m more of a person that just likes the quiet and be by myself. I confessed i’m bisexual to my parents and they thought it was a joke so I didn’t bother to tell them I was telling the truth. I honestly feel really exposed and alone right now. I just lost my friend of 5 years yesterday, I don’t have many friends i’m a really awkward person and have major anxiety so I don’t really have anyone to talk to.
I’m sorry if this was long.

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Heyyyyy how are you doing hope you are having a good day with alot of good news🤩

Parents always wants the best for their children’s… They worry they cry just because their children future they always want the best and they’re a little bit insecure they’re afraid that you won’t make a mistake at the young age maybe you will understand this after some years try to accept the fact love your parents even more they won’t do anything wrong with you don’t ruin your life just because of small problems if they don’t want to close your door don’t do it or anything like that… Think big just focus on your future, study hard join university after your school. Remember don’t make a life full of regret you’re so lucky for having such parents you know a small mistake in this age will become a burden that won’t leave you all your life. Be happy mediate for 30 mins everyday read books spread love be kind. You’re worthy and precious


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