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I live with my parents and iโ€™m graduating high school in a year but my parents are still not giving me any privacy. I used to share a room with my two siblings since our house isnโ€™t very big. I got my own room a few years ago but now my parents wonโ€™t let me close the door because they think I have a โ€œsecretโ€. I love my parents but in my opinion, I donโ€™t think itโ€™s right to share EVERYTHING with my parents. Even if I sit down and try to talk to them, they would just accuse me of hiding something and assume their thinking was right. They donโ€™t even knock and just barge into my room, we even have a camera in the hallway pointed in the direction of my room so whenever the door is open, they can see what iIm doing. Simply closing the door wonโ€™t work (asian parents problems) and I donโ€™t like to argue, Iโ€™m more of a person that just likes the quiet and be by myself.
Iโ€™m sorry if this was long.

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its absolutely okay, in fact i am glad you shared it here.
A lot of the people around are facing the same issue because we live in a collectivist kinda environment and itโ€™s a thing with most of the brown parents you know.
but the only way out of this to be patient. stay calm, prepare already how you wanna talk to your parents, look for the best time, talk to them v v slow, and instead of arguing and telling them that you need space, ask them/request them.
honestly saying this thing works, it did for me so maybe you can also try this out.
take care and all the best<3

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