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Self HarmThought

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i live w my guardians, my parents and brother have passed

online classes have started and they last all day … and my guardians require me to do home chores… its getting very bad mentally, I’m getting self harm ideations to get the anger out since I cant take out my anger at home on anyone

what do I do when I get self harm ideations

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maybe you can kindly tell them that you are busy at the moment, and need help from them with the chores. I hope they will understand. also, maybe they think that since you are living there too, you need to be useful for them at least in home chores.

but please hang in there, it must be very stressful to handle school works and chores at the same time.
and I am very sorry about your family. I hope you’ll find a way out without hurting yourself. I hope you are eating well too


plus, please contact your school counselor or your friends, maybe they can help you out.

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