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Karthik Kumar @karthikkuma...

I live in constant terror of the world and all its woes
I dread the sight of people and their judging eyes and nose
I fear to be a failure and to sink in endless debts
I fear to lose my earnings and to face my last regrets…

I fear this house that haunts me with its creaking and its moans
I fear the state of my health and the aching of my bones
I fear to meet and talk to folks who might not understand
I fear to be alone and helpless in this foreign land…

I’m trapped in a dark room and a darker period of time
I cannot see a way out of this dismal and bleak clime
I wish there was a god or an angel who would hear my plea
I wish they would come down and rescue me and set me free…

I struggle with the fear that fills my heart and makes it weak
It’s still beating but I never know when it will cease to speak
I fear the panic that attacks me and the horror that it brings
I fear the loss of breath and the tightness of the strings…

I wish this fear would go away and leave me be at peace
I wish I could live freely and enjoy a sweet release
I wish the fear inside me would dissolve and fade away
I wish I could be happy and embrace a brighter day

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Radhika G. @radhika_goyal


To understand happiness and to experience happiness to its fullest, you need to understand what happiness means for you. By reading your writing, it seems a lot of things that are happening in your life. I would strongly recommend a psychological help as quickly as you can take it in order to sort these things out any move in a direction which is healthy and brings you happiness. οΏΌ


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