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nolan olivere @nono1414

I literally have no emotion or any will of feeling anymore and i don’t like it cause it makes me feel not whole

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I use to be like that too cause i think having no emotion and feeling nothing is cool from the past, i got bored of it and i asked my grandfather what should i do about it and he said “always have fun at what you’re doing, think everything is new experience to you, cherish every single seconds you have here on earth, hang out with your friends and act like a child. For a child always enjoy and cherish everything that is new to him, Their mind is pure, their imagination is wide so act like a child for i think the best way and easier way to find happiness and to feel something is to act like a child but don’t lose sense of your maturity and dont lose sight of what is right.”

nolan olivere @nono1414

Thank you so much


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