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I literally had relations(not physically ) with 10-12 people while I was in school probably in the age between 14-17 years. Then I never felt wrong but now literally everyone is hating me. After those 12 relations I had in my life I truly loved someone who used me for money. I feel like dying coz of the mistakes I made in the past and choosing the wrong one. Now I have feelings for a person but he’s expecting only money but nothing else. Will I get a real person in my life?

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AKANSHA @unhingeme

It will come on it’s own time as you heard good things take time. And mostly people do have 4-5 relations in past, one of them is me also! So don’t hurry dear and sometimes love is all about to give.
And not to expect in return! Honestly, he’s not the right one


Well ppl will find it difficult to trust you in long term given your past. So you gotta avoid making those same mistakes


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