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I liked a person alot abd ge knew it before as my friends told him and even to hold him close i told some lie too due to which he stopped talking to me but after 4 mnths we started again and thus time i was so confident but when he texted me i melted down and we started chatting… now we went on a trip where we got intimate but he told me not to tell anyo e as it may cause rumor but i confirmed him on text that we are more than friends for whuh he said yes… so i told some of my friend that we are in private relationship… after 15 days we got intimate again…but after his everythin changed… he was now no more interested in me… i told him to meet me but he was never available and then i told him that i am feeling that u used me so he said me no and we are just friends and this is fwb and i don’t know why but i agred to it… but when i heard he is tryung on someone else i panicked alot and called his friend to confirm it but i forgot that we were not in relationship and i told his friend that we are in pvt relationship… so that night i fought with him and ended up the things… after 4 days we again fought as it was my mistake and then he told me to move on… i was so guilty… i said sorry to him and even messaged hin many times to forgive me but ge blocked me… but after a whule he unblocked me… and we chatted normally but all of a sudden he replied to my text that ab faltu ka msg ki toh block kr dungi… and i was so angry on this message that i told him not to talk to me anymore and he deserve to live with those ppl who backbitching about him… and blocked him… but after two days again i texted him- if somebody has told u anything then please communicate… we can mend this situation… if u wish… and there was no reply… and right now i am feeling so bad about all this… please share sall i wait for him or move on?

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anuj @anujvohra

Its best you take some time off and communicate normally. Once your and your friends emotions are settled, you can have a conversation if you wish to pursue the relationship further. Take care


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