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Avni @avni

I like to revisit life through memories. My introspection leads me to reflect from a much broader, objective perspective. While just like any other twenty-something adult, my wants and desire change every five seconds and my minds whirrs at a speed i cant even keep up with. During introspection, i am able to point out where i have been wrong, immature, hasty, kind, happy, egotistic, jealous, selfless etc. I see the bigger picture of things. After every lesson that i learn, i like to give thanks, to anyone out in the universe for granting me with vision that i can see past my mistakes, for all the things that i do right and ask for guidance - however, rewarding lessons or more lessons, both are welcome. I learn because my life is jolted that it becomes imperative for me to evolve. I give thanks - for the kindness in my heart, for the grief that is my friend, for the anger that is my wounded child self and for the lessons that guide the way.

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i do the same thing. not very often but in times that have been hard, i have found myself doing exactly as you wrote.


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