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i like three guys and idk which one to choose.

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Eshita @eshitaoc

Think over it thoroughly and then make your decision. Don’t rush into anything and don’t go for looks!! In this world be need a person with a good heart🌼
I hope you find your right one!!

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

hey! have you met these lads irl? i can try and help you decide if you want ❤️


Choose the last one bcoz if you would have like the first 2 you wouldn’t fall for the third one. But think it through only love isn’t important you need respect and trust in a relationship to work. You need to see with whom you are comfortable talking your heart out and feel more alive and secure.


Hey!Don’t think what if i choose him or him?? Spend time you will get your answer… but the what ifs will only mess it up. In the back of ur mind you know the answer its just the what ifs in the way.😊


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