I let myself be vulnerable and I got used. I was separating from my ex of 18.5 years when a guy from middle school instant messaged me on Facebook. He was very persistent and sweet. He said all things I wanted to hear from my ex. He then moved back to his hometown which is where I live only to find out he is broke and just needed someplace to go. I paid for everything while on dates. Tried to help him with attire for when we go out. I just wouldn’t live with him bc I wanted to be engaged first. He grew more and more angry because of this. He started putting me down and degrading me. He started to stand me up and not call as much. Tonight was the last draw. I have deleted my Facebook account and I know he doesn’t know my number by heart. If he truly has a broken phone like his excuse was for not calling, I shall not ever hear from him again. I just feel so very stupid.

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Hey. I have been there too…gone through something similar… I was so blinded by love…I used to pay for everything for my boyfriend. I used to buy gifts for him and spend a lot like a lotttttt. He then started expecting even more, like money for small small things as well. It got too much for handle. Then he even became very possessive and restrictive and started controlling my life. He used to degrade me and make me feel that he is doing a favour by being with you.
You are not alone in this. This is a very toxic relationship you were in and it’s great that you ended it. Let it stay like this and be strong. You had to end it. I ended mine too after dating him for more than 4 years.

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Hi, this was a very toxic relationship. We should never value those people who can’t value us. 
Take decisions wisely as it’s your life.

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Their secrecy will feed on your soul someday.
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