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I know that I am happy with him… he understands me and supports me a lot but I’m sure my parents are gonna disagree with our relationship just because he is of a different religion…what to do??

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Who? @noneboo

Make sure if you are going to be with him anyway that he really loves you and you won’t regret for taking this decision. You will need time for this.
But also know that your parents are getting older and older and they won’t be with you forever. They already lived their life.
Think about you and your future.
Make sure you have a good job and place to live in case you and him decide to live together. Good luck!

Who? @noneboo

Selfish? It’s for her own happiness. Her parents don’t get to say in this. One day they will be gone and she will be sad about not being with the person who makes her happy because of her parents.
People need to learn to be selfish sometimes.

Who? @noneboo

Yeah i know its risky and I mentioned that she should be sure the things will work out. But her parents opinion can lead her wrong. They don’t know and feel what she does. Parents often lead their kids wrong trying to “protect them”.

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