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Aanchal @aanchalchauhan

I know love never comes easy and the post breakup phase is tremendously rough -all the pain ,crying and hoping . Hoping that they ll text you and you ll be again the "Happy couple ’ you used to be . But the truth is its never gonna happen and you know it somewhere in your heart .So why do you hope ?Why can’t you just let go? and how do you let go of someone who once meant world to you?

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No one 111 @jarul


Rebound. Repeat. Block their number and just go around town doing whatever you want. You are free.

Jahnvi Kumar @jahnvikumar


Letting go isn’t easy. But you’ve got to do it when you reach a dead-end. You have to turn around and reroute. So you do exactly that and find another way. You do what makes you happy and meet new people

Mabel @mabel


You can’t erase memories of them but with time, it gets better. Live for yourself and keep working on making yourself a better person. I promise you, you’ll feel your best self in no time. Keep hustling, keep moving on.


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