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Akanksha Dash @22noor

I know love is hard, after a three years of relationship which affected me a lot after my breakup now I’m in love with a person. I know he loves me. But Is love enough? Cause we don’t communicate cause he’s busy most of the time. I’m not such a person who’s possesive or insecure or anything. But when we don’t talk things make me doubt. And when I share my views he gets annoyed. Can’t I even question about what I’m feeling ? Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not a person who deserve love.

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aprajita @aprajita09

Everyone deserves love Hon,you gotta find the right person.

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Gurpreet Singh @fugitive

Love is important, but love needs to stay balanced on respect and communication. Even if one shakes, the relationship unbalances and Love feels difficult to stay stable.

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aanamika @aanamika_

Times are hard, situations are difficult and there is always something to overcome but love and healthy relationships aren’t hard. Love and healthy relationships Require work to be kept that way but they do not involve feeling unloved or feeling like you should not express your feelings.

If you feel he gets annoyed because you share your insecurities, he is not the one. Difficult conversation are big part of relationships and how the conversation goes defines what kind of relationship it is.
Most importantly, Love is kind and understanding, especially in difficult situations. So he may not be the one but Love yourself and be kind to yourself and don’t settle for anyone who is annoyed at you for daring to express your insecurities 💗 gl and best wishes.


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