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I know i should be exercising but i just can’t find the motivation to do so.

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Mabel @mabel

Heyyy, whatever it is that’s stopping you from not exercising, you should stop, think about whether it’s worth your time and absolutely go ahead and challenge yourself to achieve your goals. Oh, yes. Have a goal. Haha. You can do thissss. I believe in you. You can do anything you want. The world is your oyster

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Yeahh same. I did it for like a week and now I have stopped it. But i am trying.

Afreen @afreen

Use token system.
Reward yourself with something eg shopping when you go for 10 days to exercise.
Gift yourself something.
This always works.
Good luck:))))

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

I feel the same way. But take baby steps.

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Take one step at a time and dont stop trying

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

What helped me was watching inspiring videos. It won’t happen for you unless you generate your inner will.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey!  Same here, i also feel that i should be exercising everyday to remain fit and healthy and slim too. But i feel no motivation to get up and do it everyday. Even when i watch motivational videos, the effect of that also remain for some days and afterwards i again got lazy. 
But exercise is important not just for physical health but mental health also.

Khushboo @khushboo

I can see myself in you. It’s the problem for all of us. Physical exercise is so important for our body . We all know it but still miss it in our hectic schedule which is not good in any way. Try to keep you motivating and motivate others also.


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