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I know he will never come back. Never ever. As he has decided this. I don’t know why I’m still hoping for his presence. This void, this emptiness… I don’t know what I did in past for which I’m gettin this punishment. Because of all the incidents I went through, I am angry with God and on my destiny. I feel like everything got broken…and there is no way to mend it. I’m a hopeless folk wandering here and there just to pass this time. I have nothing to dream about. I love him.

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It’s okay to feel like this… Let out whatever you are feeling buddy… just try to talk to someone, or do anything that would help you get over those thoughts



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He’ll regret his decision one day. Afterall you lost someone who didn’t care but he lost someone who truly loved him, he’s in loss not you (the above statement is copied from internet, i saw it somewhere)


I feel the same about Meredith. I miss her deeply every day of my life. 


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