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I know, from other’s perspective it’s so silly to still feel for the person who left u and getting married to someone else which is his family’s choice. But how to took him out from our head, when we have loved them a lot. We cared for them, we thought for their happiness more than ours. He chose to be with his family’s choice, he took stand for his parents. How can I go against his wishes as I always wished for his happiness. Yes, this is foolish… I miss him daily, I think about him, I cry for him. Because I loved him. I’m very angry on him, but I wish for his happiness more. I don’t know how to express my feelings for him. I wish one day I will get relief too. I want to feel blessed. I am waiting for that day.

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hang in there trust me you’ll get through this some day and when you do you’ll get to start a new life and let in the love you deserve. i hope you grt through this soon

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Sanika S. @sanika_sohoni

The emotions that you feel are valid from your point of view. Healing takes time, sometimes understanding the reasons behind a emotion helps. Feel free to chat if you need someone to help you process the intense emotions you are feeling.
I hope you feel better soon. Take care


I can’t say you to stop being sad or focus on other activities. Yk its deeply hurting to be left behind whom u wld hv never left alone if it were you. Please understand that they as a person couldn’t place the same efforts to stay with you are not worthy of your love or care. Ofcourse its not easy to turn off feelings for someone. But you can still find love and smone great in future. Trust the process and focus on healing.

Subasri IT @elite_blossom

Try focussing on pampering urself… Solo date or focus on watching new movies… Then shift focus to ur career and outing with friends


That is exactly what I am going through with my friend. Her and I are girlfriends, but I don’t feel the same for her because I have feelings for Meredith. 


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