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not_kev @extro_introvert

I know everything has a positive side to it. Everything has another way to look at it. But the fact is that we’re only trying to compromise with something that doesn’t happen our way.
I fell in love and it hurts cz I’m not meant to get it back from that person. Neither am I satisfied nor am I stopping to expect her to love me.
In my last post I shared about my story of how I’ve been in love with this person but won’t get it back. People suggested I move on from her. I’m finding it hard to do any of that. I love her so much and it feels like I love her more and more each day.
The point that I’m trying to make is that, we just have such a short life to live yet we cannot have the person we love… and I don’t understand why people say couples are made in heaven. Are we living this life just to deal with this shit?
End of the day we just get to die unsatisfied, just compromising with everything.

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Sometimes what we love is just love and we can’t have it to us…


You’ll find someone else… Everything happens for a reason


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