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i keep saying that i am fine
but deep down i know that i am not fine cause he doesn’t make time for me to text
also he doesn’t respond me while i am flirting he just reply no u cann’t do that
i dont know what to do

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Looks like he isn’t interested. Stop beating yourself up to impress him. May be he is not into you. If you are in a relationship with him, talk to him openly about your needs. No it’s not wrong honey. These are the standards you have for your partner and he is unable to fulfill that at the moment. Imagine spending a lifetime with someone who makes you feel like shit.

Everyone wants a loving and caring partner who can get really romantic at times and you to have the right to get one. If he is ready to work on it, fair enough give him a chance and see if there is improvement in his behaviour.
If he doesn’t want to take out time and put effort into making your relationship work and keeping you happy, move on. Tell him this won’t work and you have solid rules on who deserves you. There is someone out there who will love you the way you deserve. If this guy is the one, he will act so. Relationships work on mutual understanding, respect and care. One sided efforts won’t lead you anywhere. You deserve to feel special and loved. You shouldn’t have to need to demand attention, it should come naturally from both people involved. If he loves and understands you, you wouldn’t be worrying doubting his intentions.

His reaction to your conversation will tell you whether he is worth your time or not.
Good luck! Stay strong and take care.


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