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I keep on praying for my own death! I tell myself that I m not going to wakeup next day but unfortunately I do!

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Hey. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’re going through a bad phase, but don’t forget nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. You’re not alone. We’re here for you. You can express everything you wanna say here.

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Sabrina @sabrinaj

I get that feeling. You will get thru this. Just remember we are all here for you.


You are here for a reason and trust me more people then you know would miss you if you would gone. Losing someone you care for it’s one of the greatest pain and that’s what people would have to go thru if you were gone. Sending positive vibes.


Look don’t pray to die. Wake up and pray to live. In a few years time your life may be so different. When you do wake up get up straight away enjoy the day do something positive. Start a new program of telling yourself life can be good. Always think positive. Change every negative thought for a positive one. Like I am happy. Things are getting better in my life. Today will be a good day. Lots of good things are coming my way. Start now. Also think about the things you do actually enjoy and dont tell me there aren’t any. Your getting into too much of a pointless destructive mental rut and you need to snap out of it right now. Run your wrists under the cold water tap when you feel down. Do your hair a different way’ try different clothes on. Dance to some music. Get with it.🐱


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