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I just wanted to share one incident. I am a 27 years female from India. In 2020, during lockdown i downloaded tinder. I matched with a guy and we vibed. We had quite an interesting chat. But due to some misunderstanding we stopped chatting. I moved on and so did he. Thatโ€™s what I thought. Now on 4th August, i got a email from a girl saying " please check your Instagram and Facebook urgently", i ignored thinking this is spam. Then I got a call from my company saying there is family emergency, but the fact is I stay with my family. Me being stupid i asked for her number n gave her call. Then she says she is this guyโ€™s bhabhi n did too much BS. I ignored n kept tre call. She called me 15 times, later she told she got my number from LinkedIn. Later she said she is his wife and wants to know about our past. She again called 5 times. Today I called n she acted like nothing happened. I feel like stupid girl. I wanna take revenge but i know itโ€™s bad. What should I do???

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samar69 @arnav01


if u feel insecure, police ke dhamki do

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author
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Joy @joyforlife


Badla lena hai to alag suggestions hain or bhulna hai to alag suggestions hain. Depends what exactly you want.


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