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I just wanted to share my experience here cause i dont know what to do anymore im so tired, depressed and heart broken. I just had to give up my 3 months old cat to the vet i took him. He had rectal prolapse twice already and i had him stitched up for that. But the second time it happened it was okay for a few days then other complications happened. He wasnt pooping right he kept straining and because he kept doing that he bled on the third day. I then brought him to the vet but all the options they gave me were out of my reach. I then decided to surrender him to the vets which one of them agreed upon adopting him. I just hope he adjusts to them quickly even though its hard because i just visited him a while ago as im writing this and he wouldnt eat. His right arm was swollen from the iv because he kept his arm folded when he sleeps. Its still so heart breaking. I still do wanna care for him and i want to take him back but then i realized if i took him home and it happens again i wouldnt be able to help him because i dont know what to do. At least now that hes with the vets they can administer first aid whenever he needs it. I just want whats best for him and i hope this is one of them.

Sorry this is a bit long i just needed to share this. It hurts so bad and i dont know if i did the right choice but i just want him to live and i know that they could help him compared to me. I really did try my best and looked for every option i could think of its just so heart breaking when i see him suffering and i couldnt do anything for him.

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Simran @st1199

I am sorry for what happened to your cat. Everyone love their pets and get so attached that whenever something happens to them, we get very emotional considering them as our own family member.

But knowing that you had no other choice left, it was the right decision because someone who has all the facilities can take better care than you. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to let go of him. Whenever you miss him, just go and visit him and also make him understand that is the his new family and you are always there for him.

Sometimes letting go your loved one is difficult but you know that it’s in their best interest, right? Also, you took care of him, it was hard for you to let him go and vice-versa which shows how much you have already done for him. :)


Thank you. I really needed this im still feeling horrible and depressed that i can’t move on knowing that he’s there and he still hasn’t adjusted to the new environment. But hopefully someday i can heal and know that he’ll be much better there💕

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Simran @st1199

You definitely will. It just takes a little time.
Meet him whenever you miss your cat and you can even Video Call him (haha).


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