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I just wanted to get some point of view.
Especially those who have been in the same boat. My partner has been there done that with love once before and when we met he had kinda gave up on all that. Me on the other hand never wanted or looked for it because of the choice I’ve seen my parents make so I never loved anyone and gave my all to anyone until I met him. We started as friends and it kinda just kicked off it was great but I feel as if when we get in hard times he just treats me like the other “bitches” he’s been with so I’m basically like all of them at the time of our troubles and it’s almost like he doesn’t really care how or what is happening don’t get me wrong he does care but where I haven’t been before when it comes to relationships I want him to understand where I come from when I’m upset. Also I’ve had a trashy upbringing & that comes with issues you develop and I try not to let this affect me but as we know that’s easier said than done so at the start of the relationship we both expressed these issues we had and we simply made an understanding of each other. But now 3yrs in I feel as if that all went in one ear & out the other. And I hurt when he does things that I’ve explained to him that hurt me but it’s now at the point where we are both strangers in that way, I’ve become a complete different person & so has he. Idk what to do. I feel so fucking alone but asking as he makes me smile I forget that Shit. I love him I do but I don’t want to get hurt or have to explain why in hurting anymore. I feel as if I have no life left in me or any feeling at all, I’d rather just drink it all away or something until I drop but I have 2 little ones so I ain’t gone do that to them but fuck me it hard

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Hey! I can understand. Don’t worry, you’ll get through this. A partner needs to understand the brought up the other person comes from, it’s one of the most essential elements of a healthy relationship. I’m sure he does love you and cares for you, and so do you. And when 2 people are in love, it’s easier to understand the other person. Hence, I’d suggest that you should sit him down and try talking to him. Put everything on the table, and be transparently honest. I’m sure you’ll work things out. Let me know how it goes :)


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