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I just wanted to be honest and share that I’ve been feeling empty, overthinking, and struggling with anxiety since my breakup. It’s been really tough for me to move on, ihve been going through an incredibly difficult time since my breakup, and it’s left me feeling more alone than I ever thought possible. While breakups are always tough, this one has hit me particularly hard, and I’ve been struggling to cope with the overwhelming sense of loneliness that has come with it It’s not just about the loss of the relationship; it’s also about the way it seems like everyone I thought was close to me has slowly distanced themselves. I understand that breakups can be awkward and challenging for friends as well, but it’s been disheartening to feel that some of the people I once relied on have moved away or aren’t as available as they used to be.i don’t want to put blame on anyone, and I know everyone has their own lives and challenges to deal with. Still, I wanted to open up about how this isolation has been affecting .

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Hey!! Just a reminder that you are never alone and more powers to you!!


I can understand this. What I have experienced is that no matter how many people are around you to support. In the end it doesn’t matter. Only your inner will help you to cope up through this hard time.

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Açha Bacha @soft_forest_2

Mitr bhulna mumkin unhe jo humare karib rehte hai lekin mitr hume smjhana padta hai khud ko ki ab wo humare sath nahi hai kyu ki unho ne hume jab unki jarurat thi tab chor kr gaye aur wo kabhi humare liye thai nahi


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