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I just wanted some thoughts on this . My boyfriend hasn’t gifted me a birthday gift since I became his gf but he got me a gift when he started liking me . But on other side i have got him birthday gift ever since I started liking him till now . It’s not that I want a gift Just because I have been giving him gifts but i feel gifting some is more about efforts doesn’t matter even if it is a smallest gift . And I have told him that I like gifts and suprise . He is a great boyfriend no doubt but idk if i should expect this or it’s just a small thing over which I’m overthinking

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The main problem about relationships of any kind in life is the expectations we have from one another
It curbs the freedom of both members involved

The best relationship is that where there are no expectations ,there is just love
All we do is spread joy and love to one another

Ask a new born mother whether she is happy
She will say that she is on heaven and happiest she has ever been
Surely she doesn’t expect anything from a baby
That is where true happiness lies


Hey, How are you doing now? and How is life in large?


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