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I just want to share my thoughts so please bear with this post because if I couldn’t share it I’m afraid I’ll explode because of this feeling of guilt and sadness.

All this years I never thought that I would be one of the reason that my ex died 3 years ago until a letter written 3 years ago is sent via email by this website where you can write to someone and send it to them in the future.

I didn’t know that I am one of the reason why he did that, I never thought that he is not okay when we ended it all because he told me after 3 months that he moved on already and found a new one so I give him space and moved on. I shouldn’t have agreed about breaking up and give up that easily, I should have ask him about the reason, but it’s to late because he decided to face it alone. I thought he is just a jerk who like dumping others if he got bored so it never cross in my mind that he is sick and don’t want me to suffer from a loss and pain but now it’s likely what I am facing because I felt guilt of moving on and giving up.

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Luv, we can not be or fell responsible for others actions or behaviora, trust luv this is something I too am trying ri bea and understand,


I know but this guilt I am feeling is so heavy right now.


R u still on this site, please respond to my comment,


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