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Ajay Gupta @ajaygupta

I just want to recalm of my work and my balance life routine. I want to become an entrepreneur but I don’t work on my love pnes. My parents always said job karo… shadi ke liye log aayege to puchhege na ki kya karta hai apka ladka …par mujhe job nhi karna hai par mere papa Ko lagta hai ki me job karta hu …par mein nahi karta hu …unko kese samjhau Mera Dil job karne mein nahi lagta hai …mujhe dusro ke liye kuch karna hai …Apne Desh ke liye …Apne samaj ke liye …Aur khud ke liye !! Plzzzz help ?

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hello. aap bilkul galat nhi hai. agar aapko lagta hai ki aap dusro ke liye ya dekh ke liye kuch karna chaahte hai toh thik hai, isme kuch galat nhi hai. aapke papa ko bas ye lagta hai ki aap paise kama le and life thik se nikaal le. toh aap unhe samjhaiye ki jo bhi kaam aap karenge, chaahe vo desh ke liye kyu na ho, aap ussey paise kamaenge. kyunki dekhiye paise kamana toh zaroori hai na jeene ke liye!


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